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This is the registration system for

Hockey Fun - Field Hockey Camps, Clinics & Competitions


Hockey Fun - WHISE Guys Field Hockey



Please note that this registration system considers the  "account owner" as the parent/guardian/coach. The "account owner" cannot register - ONLY "CHILDREN" can be registered. Please follow these procedures when making a new account:

  • Provide the email & password of the parent. 
  • The account owner information should be the information of the parent/guardian
  • After entering your name and information, click the "ADD YOUR CHILDREN" to provide information about each player.
  • Once child is set up, you should able to register him/her to any and all events listed.
  • Coaches can register their teams to our Fun Fest Tournaments - coaches make an account, register to the specific tournament, and follow instructions.


Non-Refundable Registration Fee: Hockey Fun Camps & Clinics over $100 

Each registration includes a $100 non-refundable registration fee, which you are required to provide as an initial payment upon registering.  (Any clinic registration less than $100 must be paid in full upon registering, and no refunds are provided.)

No refunds are provided for any clinic in which the registration fee is less than $100.